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Phyllis Liu, a Seattle-based UX designer who has worked for Facebook and Shopify, designed an autonomous car ridesharing experience as part of a project for a course at the University of Washington. Your UX design portfolio is not just a virtual gallery of all your most beautiful work. It’s a carefully crafted story that offers a behind-the-scenes look at your methods and processes. Zara specializes in creating digital products and experiences for luxury, fashion, and beauty brands, and this is reflected in every detail of her portfolio. For each case study in your UX portfolio, provide as much context as you can.

ui ux designer portfolio

Enter Michael Kochenburger’s UX portfolio, branded as KOCO, and a wide-eyed animated robot instantly greets users. This engaging character doesn’t merely decorate the site — it ushers visitors through it, making for an immersive and welcoming journey. Build and visually design a full portfolio website — completely free. This course covers everything from the basics of grid and flexbox to advanced interactions and accessibility work.

steps to creating an impressive UX design portfolio

Depending on your level of experience, you may not have every one of these skills, but do your best to include as many as possible. Another great example of how a subtle color shift can make the design that much more compelling. It’s nice to show that you’re interested and able to design for all, and it’s great to see Siriveena reflect that here. Aurora’s portfolio is clean, easy to navigate, and consistent, all while showcasing her illustrative skills.

ui ux designer portfolio

Product designer Karolis Kosas presents a minimalist approach to his portfolio that lets his design prowess shine through. A stark black-and-white color scheme subtly comes to life with the animated blinking eyes on the CUJO project, adding a touch of intrigue and whimsy to the site. Emi Lantz’s portfolio embodies subtle sophistication, captivating visitors with a striking dark theme and a minimalist approach. Her adept use of animation underscores her multifaceted skillset, showcasing her design prowess and research, marketing, and brand promotion abilities. Tammy presents her case study as a slidedeck that lays out the challenge and the four steps of her design process. Yang presents the challenge, team, project duration, her role, and the skills she used to get it done in a clear and easy-to-read format.


The energetic combination of colors stands out on Lital Karni’s professional portfolio, making the top fold appear both sophisticated and playful. The layout on the homepage is simple with an organized fullscreen grid. Lital has carefully matched a different background to each project, while also creating a cohesive homepage aesthetic. Saloni includes quality written content on her UX portfolio, presenting all the most crucial information in an easy-to-read and familiar (yet professional) tone. On the other hand, one of the benefits of having a PDF is that you can constantly tailor what you send over.

If you spot any further examples of great portfolios while navigating the web, do let us know so we can add them to the list. So, in addition to real client projects, Priyanka’s UX portfolio also showcases some rather impressive unsolicited redesigns. Before you create a portfolio and start applying for design jobs, you need to get clear on your career goals.

Senior UX Designer Portfolio

On top, Madison’s animated logo makes a striking impact to the overall design. UI/UX designer Jung has created three simple pages on his UX portfolio (Work, About, and CV) which visitors can easily navigate through in the upper right corner menu. When landing on this site, viewers are initially taken to Jung’s Work page, which also acts as the site’s homepage.

  • Zara specializes in creating digital products and experiences for luxury, fashion, and beauty brands, and this is reflected in every detail of her portfolio.
  • Your homepage should include a compelling headline that introduces who you are and what you do.
  • Soft skills such as empathy are also important to showcase but kind in mind the job description and your key competencies that can be proven through your portfolio.
  • The same information viewed on the desktop version can be comfortably accessed from a smaller screen.
  • As designers we often generate many candidate solutions for a single problem and ultimately choose only one.

They typically want to know how they can get a portfolio which will stand up in an interview. I won’t lie—this can be difficult with a lack of commercial UX experience. The first option could be to anonymize all the data from the project but come up with what the problem was, your process, and final outcomes. Here, make the text generic—but specific enough for the hiring manager to get an understanding of what you do. If you just show everything, rather than curating your hottest work, it could disadvantage you.

AI in Design: Experts Discuss Practical Applications, Ethics, and What’s Coming Next

With Dribbble Pro, you can set up a beautiful, client-facing portfolio in minutes and update your portfolio automatically every time you share a new project. A good design portfolio is more than just a list of previous clients or design projects. Your UI/UX designer portfolio should include wireframes, photos, mockups, and other supporting content to demonstrate that you have what it takes to solve real-world design problems. Singapore-based designer Shing L has her design portfolio divided into sections based on her various talents, from photography to illustration to album art for bands. She uses her UI/UX gallery to showcase a selection of projects, with each one leading to a more detailed gallery offering viewers a project case study. As we have learned, the best portfolios showcase creative storytelling, strong personality, usability, and friendly case studies that properly display design processes and methods.

ui ux designer portfolio

She also knows exactly how to communicate the value of her work through measurable outcomes and metrics. Lola Jiang is a UX designer based in California, currently working at Google. And that’s what great UX design is all about—constantly learning and iterating, refining your process, and understanding the impact of your work on both the end users and the business. Beneath the “Results”, Stephanie outlines her key learnings from each project. She shares things like “Work with copywriters early and often”, “Don’t make assumptions” and “What I will do differently next time”.

What makes Zara’s UX design portfolio so great?

A strong UX strategy will define what UX-related KPIs and metrics will be used to measure the progress of the project right from the start. Hence, following the key objectives of the project and tracking project progress becomes much easier down the line. In this line of work, if there is no shared, agreed-upon vision among team members, problems like delays, inflated costs, and all other sorts of chaos are guaranteed to ensue. In other words, a strong UX strategy can help your firm deliver better-designed digital products/services and eliminate costly design errors. The purpose of any strategy in any field is to create a gambit that assesses your current position and then facilitates your journey to wherever you actually aim to be.

Popular options include website builders like WordPress, Wix, or Squarespace, which provide customizable templates and hosting services. If you’re looking for some portfolio inspiration, I recommend you take a look at this breakdown of the very best UX design portfolios currently out there. You might also like to see the kind of portfolios that CareerFoundry UX design graduates produce—and in the video below you can watch a senior UX designer’s review of a recent graduate’s portfolio. Our friends over at UX Collective have also put together an extensive list of innovative UX design portfolios that’s worth browsing. I also like to see storytelling—a plot development in the UX portfolio.

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